Value the countryside's riches. Promote sustainable education. Support the H&H Fauser Institute and contribute to the expansion of opportunities for young people and farmers in Paraibuna-SP, Brazil!
Boost scientific production focused on quality of life in the countryside.
Expand the job possibilities for young people from the countryside.
Support local production so that farmers can expand their range of operations.
Stimulate the growth of rural tourism in Paraibuna and the Alto do Paraíba region.
Barren land
Fruitful countryside
Historically, rural populations have been ignored by the Government. The lack of perspective for the youth is a serious problem for those living in Paraibuna.

Besides the enormous potential of the municipality and the Alto Paraíba region, it is essential to secure access to tools that will boost local businesses.
Through comprehensive training projects focused on agriculture and sustainable tourism, the H&H Fauser Institute drives a network of organizations that, together, promote the development of the Alto Paraíba region.

To ensure our projects' financial sustainability and longevity, we need support from people who believe in the potential of the countryside as a key element for a fairer society with greater opportunities.
young people qualified through comprehensive training and vocational courses.
jobs created in the sustainable tourism sector from the Alto Paraíba region.
tons of Cambuci produced annually (the previous rate was 2 tons).
surveys done, one of them becoming public policy.
Our impact in numbers
Other ways to support us
You can contribute to our work in many ways. Help us invest resources and provide more dignity and freedom for countryside professionals.
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